Where Are The Audio Files?

The audio files are located on each module page in the download box (above the comment section).  Make sure you right click and choose either Save File As or Download File As when downloading the files. 

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    Where are the modules 

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    Julie Taylor

    Thank you to .angie.mcalpine for asking the same question I was going to ask!  I paid for this program weeks ago and still cant find em!.I don't know abt. U but Im starting to get pist.  im wondering if its because Im on an android instead of using windows?  So far...THERE ARE NO MODULES.  Only help and faqs.  Geez...what a cluster----!

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    sue stiglic

    What and how much is this?

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    Saxan Allan

    I'm going to the police if I go to get. My money refunded immediately

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