Can I Ask Mike a Question?

You can send your concise and direct questions for Mike to and we will be more than happy to help you!

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    Miss Greene

    Hello I have a few concerns and questions.

    So Ive sent my ex the first ATB text last week and to my surprise he responded and was very friendly and responding. But Ive noticed that after Ive taken a couple days off from texting him here and there but other than one than when he text me early in the morning to becareful driving because of all the snow Michigan recently received and because last year I was in a nearly fatal car accident he doesnt send me the first text. And recently the text Ive sent hes either responding hours later or the next day but he told he cracked his screen on his phone, then the other reason was that he was at work. I responded back to him each time hours later but I didnt bring up or address the fact that hes been responding late to my text messages. He sent me a text after responding to my first ATB text telling me to never stop smiling and that im more beautiful when im smiling and he hopes I have a good christmas. I do not know how to take that message help please!!! He also had text me a good morning beautiful text like he use to when we were together I do not know what to do or how to feel about him and this program I really need your advise and opinion asap, new years is coming and I have not one clue how or what to do about him all i know is I really still love the guy but Im not sure about his feelings for me anymore its confusing??????????????
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    Lowry, Yvonne N

    Can I change my user name? It is my real name? Please respond asap.  I would not like him to know I am contacting you

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