Can I Ask Claire a Question?

You can send your concise and direct questions for Claire to and we will be more than happy to help you!

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    Colleen Mason

    Hoe do I find the documents

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    Oliver, John

    I was being nagged one night while we where staying out of town in a hotel,

    It really got to me.  I Got up at 2 am and we drove home. She left and is very mad and will not speak .So what do you think ?

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    Doris Frazier

    Where is the section on getting your man back after he breaks up with you. I'm having problems finding any of the material to download

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    Donna Baray

    What do I do if I had suspicions, that resulted in testing positive for STD’s
    and he’s denying having another parter ? This is the fifth month we’ve been together.
    I had him come to my house; gave him his things , told him I hadn’t been with anyone else in over four years and he’s denying cheating? My doctors say this is recent exposure that he totally denies. What’s next if he cares for me?

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