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    Terri white

    I have a fella that requires lots of oral sex. I love this man he can do any thing any way he want to or have it. But my mouth can get dry so no flavored gell what can I do

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    Schanelle Claassen

    I have a boyfriend that just want to do me in the bum and I don't know wat to do he ones told me if I don't give him that I'll leave me and f around and it's true I don't give him and he is already starting to go on chat sites and flirt with women and small girls and masterbuiting him self he don't look at me any more what should I do plz help

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    Hi. I have a fellow who seems to have what I call a Fairy Tail syndrome. I am 46 he is now 49 he met his first wife when they were in their teenage years they were married until 3 years ago I thought he was ready for another relationship he doesn't seem to be. He thinks he should have the same feelings for me or another woman for that matter as he did his first relationship when he was age 20. We were together for a few weeks he tried to break up with me and I talked him into the fact that he should give me a chance. We were together for close to 13 months and he suddenly broke up with me with no chance to understand what happened. I am so devastated I've never had a relationship as good as a head with him it is now been to ones we have barely had any conversation and all I want in my life is him. I will never trust another man again after this. I know for a facting all he is doing is working on his house. He is a little bit OCD about working on his home. We spoke about 8 days ago he said we could see each other again sometime. The one thing I didn't mention is that I didn't realize I may be an alcoholic. Just before we broke up he thought I may be drinking too much. He seems to have a history of wife with other alcoholics and I worry that he doesn't think that my drinking issue may be able to be resolved but it has been because I have not had a drink in 49 days there is no issue with me but he doesn't know that because he hasn't really spoken much to me. The alcoholic part has been simple it's him and being away from him that his cause me terrible grief.

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    I have a friend we talk a lot on the phone we talk about being together and made a promise not to be with no one else. he is a good man but he is so scared of being hurt again. I don't know what to do

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