Where Are My Upgrades?

Your upgrades should appear on the Kajabi member site when you login.  There is a bar near the top of the screen with different tabs such as "Content" and "Bonus Content".  The name of your upgrade should be one of the tabs. Click on the tab and you will gain access to the material. 


If you DO NOT see your upgraded material in the tab bar, please contact us at, as your membership level my need to be edited. 

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    c.m. Tabb

    I have contacted the support desk twice and I still do not see the minus the misery upgrade on the text your ex back dashboard.  I am getting very frustrated.  I need this more than any other part of the program.  I am a very emotional person and need this guidance.  

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    I have contacted the support desk as I cannot even FIND my dashboard let alone any content I have paid for.  Just get Pages and Pages of advertising or blank pages - WHERE IS MY MEMBERSHIP?????


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