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    I could not pay for "Text Your Ex back" after I request for a refund for "The secret that all men wants"

    The materials for "The secrets that all men wants" is not suitable for me because I broke with my ex 3 months ago and I am in great hurt and pain and wanted to know hoe the get him back. 

    Can you assist me to get the payment through for this email?


    Many thanks

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    My request number is 460766, pertaining to "Fat Cell Destroyer". This is the third time I have emailed you. I chose the buy 2 get one free, the amount I paid was $172.89. I'm trying to find out what I paid for because as I stated previously I purchased 2 bottles plus 1 free one and I also ordered the 3 free videos: Fat Cell Destroyer, Stay Young Forever, and the 10 Minute Fat Shredder. The total doesn't make sense. I would like you to to explain what it is for and give return the excess money, before it is put in to you account. Please do not put the money into you account. Return it!

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