Clickbank Won't Accept My Payment

If you are having problems with your payment going through:

1. Your payment information may be incorrect

2. You may have purchased from Clickbank before and gotten too many refunds


If you have problems, contact Clickbank directly at to see why they will not accept your payment. 

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    It was written "there is error in your card, use another card"

    Even if I use another card, the same word appear.


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    Doreen Michelle

    Have been trying several days to purchase a product but it only says your payment was not approved?My card is also in good shape and condition and have funds,but it always doing that and saying your payment was not approved? Have tried with different card but is still the same and I don't know why

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    Antonia Ortiz

    Yes my payment was approved I only wanted the book how to kiss a man and and they added another book which was 74 dollars all together the first book was only $7 I called customer service or the number that is on here and they told me they were going to refund me and send me the book how to kiss a man for free I have not gotten anything

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