Clickbank Won't Accept My Payment

If you are having problems with your payment going through:

1. Your payment information may be incorrect

2. You may have purchased from Clickbank before and gotten too many refunds


If you have problems, contact Clickbank directly at to see why they will not accept your payment. 

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    It was written "there is error in your card, use another card"

    Even if I use another card, the same word appear.


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    Doreen Michelle

    Have been trying several days to purchase a product but it only says your payment was not approved?My card is also in good shape and condition and have funds,but it always doing that and saying your payment was not approved? Have tried with different card but is still the same and I don't know why

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    Antonia Ortiz

    Yes my payment was approved I only wanted the book how to kiss a man and and they added another book which was 74 dollars all together the first book was only $7 I called customer service or the number that is on here and they told me they were going to refund me and send me the book how to kiss a man for free I have not gotten anything

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    Chastiney Combs

    Best Online Payment Processors – Which One is good for Your Store? – ALL News
    If you are the type of person who offers services and sells products online, you will need a way for you to be paid by your customers online. Fortunately, because of the launching of omnichannel ecommerce, the process for online payment has now become more seamless, secure, and advanced compared to the other techniques before.

    The following are the best online payment processors that you can consider for your store:

    In terms of the best online payment processors, PayPal is considered as one of the best. PayPal is also the most productive payment solution that will provide you with a wide range of tools that are suitable for online sellers like you to accept your buyer’s payments.

    Stripe is one of the famous online payment processors that most online merchants use. It is because online payment processors will enable both the buyer and the seller to accept online payments securely, conveniently, and easily. Aside from that, it will also offer you with the app integrations, fraud preventions, banking infrastructures, and technology that will make seamless and secure payment experiences that most online buyers and sellers will surely love.

    Amazon Pay
    Amazon Pay is also one of the best online payment methods that will utilize the stored payment technique in the customer’s account on Amazon to be checked without the needs of additional data or detail entries.

    Amazon Pay is considered by many to be the best choice for the sellers that are searching for ways to enhance conversions and improve the loyalty of the customer by providing secure and seamless process of payment.

    Square is also known to be the point-of-sale processor that alters the payment process for the owners of small online business with the use of its portable and small magstripe reader. On the other hand, it is also one of the latest online payment processors that you might consider.

    Braintree Payments
    One of the PayPal services is this Braintree Payment online processor that will allow you to receive your customer’s payments in the way they prefer to. These include debit and credit cards, Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, and other famous digital wallets.

    Apple Pay
    Apple Pay is one of the most famous digital wallets that was being used by many online buyers and online sellers – most especially buyers who order items through their iOS.

    Apple Pay is an easier online payment processor for sellers that will offer a more secure and simpler method to be paid by their customers. If you have the customers whom you know is an avid user of iOS, then we recommend you to use this Apple Pay as your online payment processor. It will allow your buyers to pay you with one touch with their websites or applications when they utilize Safari.

    Aside from these, there are lots of online payment processors that every online business owner, like you, can use to be paid by your online customers or buyers. Choose the one that will be a suitable match for your ecommerce business’ needs as well as for the payment convenience for your customers.

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    Hi I cannot even get the Get Access Now to work. I tried to click it but it is not live.

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