Offensive AF

(First, notice that there are only a couple comments, all 3 years old.  That's pretty funny!)

This entire concept of trying to scam some money for a "secret" about men is offensive as hell, both to men and to women.  If men were ever-so-complicated, it would have ZERO to do with their sexuality, which is the world's easiest read.  If there are women out there that are THIS DESPERATE to "catch a man", they should be embarrassed as hell to be such saps.  No one involved in this bullshit has any self-respect at all.  It's pathetic.  Here:  "you have a chance to learn the devastating, wonderful truth."  Women dont really fucking care about manipulating a man and women REACH ORGASMS ALONE FAR SUPERIOR TO ANY FROM SOME GUY!  Fact.  The devastating and wonderful truth.  You're welcome.


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